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Simpson Strong-Tie Collated Screws for Quik Drive System.

Deck-Drive Premium Deck Screws


DSV Soft 

DSVT2SQuik Guard Coating 10Gx50 (Box of 1500)
DSVT212SQuik Guard Coating 10Gx65 (Box of 1000)
DSVT3SQuik Guard Coating 10Gx75 (Box of 1000)


Hardwood Decking to Softwood Joist    

SSDHW60SA305 Stainless Steel 10Gx60 (Box of 1000)


Hardwood Decking to Hardwood Joist    

SSDHSD50S305 Stainless Steel 12Gx50 (Box of 1000)
SSDHSD60S305 Stainless Steel 12Gx60 (Box of 1000)




Simpson Strong-Tie Collated Deck Screws

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