ARMAGalv™ Category 5 Coating
•    Nominal 35 microns of modified mechanical galvanising
•    No hybrid top coatings needed
•    ARMAGalv plated, drills, fastens and seals in one operation.
•    Designed for maximum reliability and ease of use

DEKS® neo washer
•    100% EPDM
•    Low carbon content
•    Non-conductive

•    Dual purpose fastener -- for fixing roofing and cladding to steel purlins, timber or metal battens
•    For crest fixing corrugated and trapezoidal roofing into timber and up to 2mm thick steel purlins
•    Self-drilling screws with special designed Type 17 A/P (all purpose) drill point
•    Workable for all applications – “steel to steel”, “steel to timber”
•    Enhanced pullout resistance achieved with the twinstart thread system
•    Drills a clear hole in steel and timber
•    No timber splitting
•    Prevents overdrilling and grips roofing sheet to joint with the washer face

Roofing Screws Color Head

Head Color