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Wall Dogs are universal multi-use, multi-substrate screw fixings designed to fix to most materials, eliminating the need to carry lots of different types of screws and fixings. These screws are great for fast, light duty fixing direct to gyproc, timber, sheet materials, concrete, brick, block and general masonry without any plugs or sleeves and with no expansion. They are easily and rapidly installed into plasterboard with the sharp point and aggressive thread providing a strong hold without pre-drilling. They can also be installed into any masonry and concrete with 5mm pilot hole (4mm for softer materials) and then driving the screw in using a power or impact driver. Wall Dogs are removable, re-usable and fire resistant.


Available Sizes: 
HWF Head 6.5 X 32mm (100/pk)
HWF Head 6.5 X 50mm (100/pk)
Pan Head 6.5 X 32mm (100/pk)
Pan Head 6.5 X 50mm (100/pk)


Wall Dogs

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